Mid North Coast District Golf Association

UBIMET – Weather and Lightening System

September 04, 2015 at 7:47 AM

Golf NSW will be utilising the Ubimet Weather Systems at its events. This service is far more accurate than existing BOM services, particularly when it comes to lightening detection.

Golf NSW has been able to secure a special price for use of the lightening detection component of the service, for its member clubs. The price of the lightening detection system will be approximately $300 per annum (TBC). This service will alert club managers, captains, course superintendents when lightening strikes have occurred within a prescribed distance of their facility.

For Golf NSW Events, this service because of its accuracy will be extremely beneficial. Similarly, for Golf Clubs concerned about protecting golfers and their staff on course, the ability to receive an SMS warning them of impending danger could be extremely worthwhile. 


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